QMSU's ethical coffee partnership

QMSU coffee partnership with Caffe Praego

As you may have seen, we now have a new, ethical coffee provider in Ground Café, Infusion, the Learning Café and Drapers Bar & Kitchen; Caffe Praego. The company places an emphasis on knowing how and from where their coffee is sourced whilst also making a difference in those communities.

Coffee beans from Caffe Praego come all the way from Rwanda, due to the high quality of green Arabica beans that can be found there. All their beans are Fair Trade certified and sourced directly from co-operatives in the area, meaning the company knows precisely where and who their coffee is coming from.

The coffee we receive is from two different co-operatives, the first of which, the Inkoboka Co-operative, was first started in 2004 with 100,000 trees producing 200 tons of coffee per year. They provide award-winning Grade 1 Arabica Bourbon beans and they are certified Fair Trade and 100% organic, winning the prestigious ‘Coffee Cup of Excellence’ in 2011. Caffe Praego works closely and directly with their farmers. The second is the Cocamu Co-operative which was formed in 2006 near the Tanzanian border, with 60,000 trees and owned by 584 families and members- 226 of these being women-only. 10,000 of their trees are used to Cocamuare also Fair Trade certified and organically accredited. 

Caffe Praego also works in partnership with the Point Foundation, which was set up in 2006 to support projects in both Rwanda and South Africa, and have helped 4,500 children across 7 different projects over the past 10 years. £3 for every case of coffee QMSU buys goes back to Rwanda, and cases are recyclable and aluminium-free with hand-painted designs on every packet.

Through Caffe Praego, QMSU supports 10 children in Rwanda through the coffee we buy and sell in our outlets, which will put each child through education and includes funding for transport, school fees, equipment and lunches. The children attend school daily from 8am-3pm and are collected by bus and then taken from surrounding villages to school and then back home in the evening. Without this scheme, they would have no other access to education.

CEO of QMSU, Mike Wojcik, has said of the partnership with Caffe Praego:

"It's a rare and wonderful thing when you combine work, pleasure, passions, and link to an initiative that we can be 100% confident will directly make a  massive difference to those try to build a better future. The coffee tastes damn good, and I'm truly touched that every box of coffee we sell donates £3 to support the schooling of orphans, and children with disabilities. I can't wait to get the regular updates and photos and see how these kids in Rwanda progress through schooling with the support of QMSU. The coffee cooperatives we support also have an incredible story to tell!"

Below are a few pictures of the children in Rwanda QMSU is helping through buying Caffe Praego's coffee: