Societies Spotlight on…QM Young Greens Society

QM Young Greens win Society of the Year

Societies Spotlight on… Queen Mary Young Greens Society

The Young Greens took home top prize at the Societies Awards when they were named Society of the Year 2016/17. Events Coordinator Lewis Williams also won Committee Member of the Year, a testament to his hard work. They have been a fantastic Society, campaigning around London and Tower Hamlets and raising over £3000 for charity, as well as holding some of the best social events of the year. Lucy Madeley has been and dedicated member of the Society Board and the whole committee are always a joy to work with.

The Young Greens have addressed topics of concerns for students in the light of recent events within the university sector and have provided a voice for those who felt marginalised as a result. They have been actively involved in Union run campaigns such as Boycott the NSS and Yes to NUS. In line with their aims and objectives, the Society has addressed the importance of sustainability, and brought it to the forefront of our minds.

Congratulations on being a wonderful Society and we look forward to seeing what you will achieve next year!