Sporting Focus: BL Basketball

This week we are shining the light onto our amazing Barts and the London Basketball Club!

What days and times do you train? 

Saturday 2-4pm @ Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy

What makes your training sessions enjoyable?

An active, fast-flowing session run by a very accomplished level 3 Coach focused on improving individual skill. Open to anybody at any ability level makes the sessions a friendly and welcoming place where people who have never picked up a basketball in their life can come and try something completely new. It is also a great opportunity to improve related abilities such as: hand-eye coordination, fitness, communication, strength, acceleration and working within a team; the list goes on...

What was your clubs biggest success of the past year? 

LUSL Premier Champions & 2017-18 NAMS (National Association of Medics' Sports) Tournament Winners

Why should students get involved with your club?

As we are a quickly evolving, welcoming club that offers opportunities to those at any level of basketball expertise. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to grow and improve our club to provide the best experience for our members. As a member you can benefit from: a tight knit group of friends there to support you in any way; fun, interactive training sessions aimed on improving individual skills rather than just team performance allowing anyone to take part and benefit; and at least one competitive game each week to test your abilities against other teams around the country. We also provide revision sessions for ICA's, end of year exams and OSCE's.

What is a fun fact about your club?

Have the youngest committee out of any Bart's Club with all but one committee member being in 2nd year!