Sporting Focus: BL Men's Football

This week we are celebrating BL Men’s Football as our Sporting Focus!

What days and times do you train? Where do you train?

We train every Monday from 5-6pm at Stepney 3G Astro, all abilities are welcome!

What makes your training sessions enjoyable?

Our fantastic training facilities are ideally located very close to the university. The 3G Astro is a state-of-the-art training ground with great views across the city and is able to house both the men and women football teams. We have a coach help lead our sessions with the three team captains as we split into groups, focussing on key areas adapted to each one. Our training sessions will help you develop core football skills, but are still relaxed enough to enjoy a laugh with your mates! Coming along to our training session is the first step to getting involved in the football club.

What was your club’s biggest success of the past year?

With so much success it’s hard to name our biggest this past year.. Providing smashing socials each week how could we not mention our glorious Fresher's tour to Cardiff, where eternal friendships were made and a whole Spoons menu was sampled. Or do we talk about the 1st team coming back from 1-0 down in a LUSL and UH cup double header to win 2-1 and keep the dream alive? With so many great success stories in the club we always look forward to the next one.. Perhaps the first ever BL football tournament on Saturday 25th May? Keep your eyes peeled...

So why should you get involved?

Here at SBLHFC you will find more than just a club. We are a massive family who all share common interests and a passion for football. Whether you want to come and play week in week out, or whether you just want to stretch your legs at socials, then there is a place for you. Everyone is welcome in this proud club. You will meet an abundance of unique friends who will help shape your university experience for the better. Don't miss out.. Join now!

And a final fun fact about this club?

Each year we go on 3 tours, more than any other club! 2 are in the UK while 1 is international, including our NAMS tournament entry- a huge football tournament between every medical school in the country!

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