Sporting Focus: BL Netball Club

This week we are shining the light onto our amazing Barts and the London Netball Club! Get the low down on everything you need to know about this club below.

What days and times do you train? Where do you train?

The netball girl squad hit the courts over at Redbridge Sports centre (Fairlop) every Thursday from 17:45 - 19:45!

In the first half of the year we get our teams training every week but once finals start to loom we relax and adapt our training schedules to take the pressure off.

We then usually have three teams training in one go, so one training session every two weeks for most teams! Not a bad way to get moving and grooving ahead of a busy exam season.

What makes your training sessions enjoyable?

What sets us apart from other clubs is the fact that we have so many teams!

This gives us so much scope to mix up our training sessions in a big way. Some weeks we'll have a really intense session with the 1s, 2,s and 3s training together and others will be a development session where the more experienced teams lend their advice and skills to the more recreational players.

Not having a coach this year has meant we are more flexible in our sessions allowing for lots of fun but also lots of hard-core netball! We tend to start our sessions with a short fitness session consisting of stretches, circuits and lots of running.

If fitness isn't your thing, DONT STRESS. Take it at your own pace, give it your best go and try and enjoy!

We make sure to bring speakers to blast some banging tunes - dancing and singing is compulsory!

We then have a drills session where captains set up and execute drills based on what they feel their teams could work on and benefit from on-court.

We then finish up with some solid game play, making sure to switch around positions frequently, even playing out of position to keep things fun and fresh at the end! We never pass up on an opportunity to play some killer. Curious? Come along to a session and all will be revealed.

What was your club’s biggest success of the past year?

Our biggest success for the past year has to without a doubt be our charitable endeavours and successes!

We managed to raise £1197.37 through our A Night In Paris Ball thrown in collaboration with BL RAG.

This year’s Moulin Rouge theme was an absolute hit! We had fabulous promo, live performances, black jack, shot girls, cracking drinks deals, a photo booth fit to theme and best of all: A SILENT DISCO (never gets old).

All the proceeds from the event went directly to our three incredible Barts charities: The Barts Guild, Street Doctors and Rape Crisis UK & Wales! Last year our Prohibition Ball won RAG event of the year and we are hoping for the same this year. Check out the pics here if you're keen.

We also had the pleasure of working with the Uni Boob team at QM and competed in their 12 Days Of Titmas challenge which was insanely fun!

We hope to raise some money during our annual netball tournament for Barts sports clubs and societies in May in further support of Coppafeel! A massive thank you to BL RAG and the UBT. Can't wait to do it all again next year!

So why should you get involved?

As the biggest all female sports club at Barts, we have so much to offer you and would be over the moon to have you join our huge family!

If you're looking to play some serious competitive sport, play just for fun or learn a whole new sport altogether, we are the right girls for you!

However we offer so much more than just the chance to have a good run around 3 times a week.

We are always getting involved in charity events, volunteering opportunities and cross campus campaigns. We are an incredibly social group hosting both alcoholic and non-alcoholic events and socials regularly and have a great time no matter what. We go on tour together twice a year, one in UK and one internationally and these have honestly been some of the best weekends of my life. 100%, 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

We are a strong, close knit group of girls who support each other in every way and promote and encourage female empowerment not just in sport but in wider society. We've always got each other’s backs, be it through providing advice on exams, placements, or opportunities at university and that is something truly special.

The friendships made within this club are life long and we are always waiting arms wide open for anyone who wants to join this crazy, fun loving sisterhood!

And a final fun fact about this club?

'Undisputed Queens of stash' - Anthony Ince, Owner of Casual Tees.

We are absolutely crushing the stash game and have 11 insanely cool pieces to choose from. Only the best for the netball girls!

Don't forget if you are a Barts and the London student, you can come along to any of Netball’s training sessions, just turn up. Get in touch with the club committee via one of their social media pages below for more information.

Facebook: BL Netball

Instagram: BLNetball

Twitter: BLNetball