Sporting Focus: QM Climbing Club

This week we are shining the light onto our amazing Queen Mary Climbing Club! Get the low down on everything you need to know about this club below.

What days and times do you train? Where do you train?

We climb Mondays and Fridays from 5pm, and on Wednesdays from 3pm at Mile End Climbing Wall. We also run Women's only sessions on Fridays from 3pm till 5pm.

What makes your training sessions enjoyable?

What makes the Climbing Club so enjoyable to those that attend stems from its welcoming nature.

Our club, at the start of the year, consists of members who hadn't climbed before attending university.

This means that people often grow in confidence, as climbers, as a unit.

Our training sessions push those that want to be in a competitive environment, and welcome those that want to climb just for fun.

What was your club’s biggest success of the past year?

This year we entered the London University Bouldering Event for the first time. A number of our entries finished in the top 10 (out of hundreds of entries) in some of the rounds.

So why should you get involved?

We offer indoor climbing training on Wednesdays with a focus on improvement. We offer relaxed climbing sessions on Monday and Fridays for those that want a less competitive environment. We even offer opportunities to go on outdoor trips. The Climbing Club offers something for everyone.

And a final fun fact about this club?

Our committee is almost always built from students who started climbing in first year. This, in some ways, is a testimony to the welcoming nature of our club.

Get in touch with the club committee via one of their social media page below for more information about this fantastic club!

Facebook: Queen Mary Climbing

Instagram: QMCInsta