Sporting Focus: QM Netball

Check out this week's Sporting Focus on QM Netball!

Which club are you?

QM Netball!                                                   

What days and times do you train? Where do you train?

We train on Tuesday evenings at St Paul's Way Trust School - Development 6-7.30pm, 3s & 4s 6-7.30pm and 1s & 2s 7.30-9pm

What makes your training sessions enjoyable? Please describe what your club does in their training sessions which would appeal to others to join your club.

Our training sessions are so enjoyable because they cater to ever player's individual need. Whether you've never played before or played all your life, our coaches and Development Officers design tailored training sessions that provide all our girls with both fun and the opportunity to challenge themselves. In addition to this, we have such a successful social and enrichment side to the club that all of our members are friends off the court which only makes for a more enjoyable experience on the court.

What was your clubs biggest success of the past year? NB: This can be anything from reaching your highest membership number to date, or winning a national championship.

We were Club of the Year 2017/18!

Why should students get involved with your club?

Students should get involved in QM Netball because it has everything you need to get the best out of being at Queen Mary. Fundamentally we offer the opportunity to keep fit and play the biggest women's sport in the UK, but we do so much more. We offer Umpiring courses, volunteer in local schools and the local community, organise award-winning charity events and promote personal development through our campaigning. Our strong welfare network ensures integration between year groups as well as assuring that each girl is completely supported by their peers throughout the entirety of their degree. If you're looking to throw yourself into competitive sport, or simply be a part of the biggest girl gang on campus, QM Netball has a place for everyone!

What is a fun fact about your club?

We raised over £3,000 for charity last year!

What social media accounts do you use? Please provide links to them below

@qmulnetball & @qmulubt on Instagram and Twitter, QMUL Netball Club on Facebook, Queen Mary Netball Club on YouTube