Sporting Focus: QM Volleyball

This week we are shining the light onto our amazing QM Volleyball Club! Get the low down on everything you need to know about this club below.

What days and times do you train? Where do you train?

Monday , 6-9 at St. Paul's Way Trust School (6-7:30pm women, 7:30-9pm, men)

What makes your training sessions enjoyable?

We always have a lot of fun as well as putting in a lot of effort. Volleyball is the kind of sport which keeps you very active and engaged. As there are only 6 people on the court at a time, you are always a meaningful and valued player.

What was your club’s biggest success of the past year?

In 2016 our women's team won the league!!!

So why should you get involved?

Students should get involved in volleyball because we offer something different than other clubs. New sport, new experiences and what is the most important an amazing friendly atmosphere. Our club is not huge but we all know each other and we are all really good friends.

And a final fun fact about this club?

Currently we do not have any British girls in our women's team. Maybe we are waiting for you??

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Instagram: @qmulvolleyball