Sporting Focus: QMBL Fencing

What days and times do you train? Where do you train?

Team training sessions are every Saturday from 10am-2pm in the Qmotion sports hall; we also help run a beginners course on Wednesdays from 1pm-3pm in the same location and we lead the Sabre:lite Getactive session on Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm in the Qmotion active studio.

What makes your training sessions enjoyable?

The best thing about our training sessions is how freely all club members fit into those sessions. We all train together, everybody from our vastly experienced elite athletes to our enthusiastic new novices and our mens and womens teams also train together. This creates a lovely family atmosphere and we all learn from each other. Our togetherness is one of our strongest assets as a club.

What was your club’s biggest success of the past year?

Our Women's team won the "Team of the year" award at the Students' Union's 2018 Sports Awards. This was thoroughly deserved for their magnificent season where they were completely unbeaten in the league season and made it to the semi-final of their cup tournament as well.

So why should you get involved?

University is the perfect opportunity to branch out and try new things that you have not done before. At the very least fencing is a great way to keep fit and you may find you really enjoy learning about a sport that not many people know a lot about until they try it. QMBL fencing is very well equipped to give people new to fencing a great start in the sport: Our beginners course is taught by an elite professional coach and we have an internal mentoring scheme that helps to integrate new members into the heart of the club. Some of our most successful ever club members have started their fencing journeys on our beginners course, so even if you have never fenced before, there is no limit to what you can achieve!

And a final fun fact about this club?

QMBL Fencing is the only sporting society to have multiple athletes on the Queen Mary Elite Athlete programme. In fact, we have 3 Elite Athletes in all, one representing each of the three fencing weapons. They compete nationally, internationally and in our Mens and Womens Teams, setting a great example for the rest of the club and showing what it is possible to achieve in the sport.

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