Sporting Focus: Queen Mary Hockey Club

Sporting Focus: Queen Mary Hockey Club

This week we are shining the light onto our incredible Queen Mary Hockey Club! Get the low down on everything you need to know about this club below.

What makes your training sessions enjoyable?

The strength of QMUL Hockey’s training sessions lies in their inclusivity and how enjoyable they are.

Hockey can be a difficult game for beginners to pick up, and this season those in our club that are new to the sport have benefited greatly from having a coach dedicated to them.

Separate coaches are also provided for the more experienced members, and training provides an opportunity not only to work on skills, tactics, and fitness; but also to build team spirit.

What was your club’s biggest success of the past year?

The Ladies 1's came joint first in the league last year, while the Men's 1's produced a massive upset to beat Barts in Merger Cup

So why should you get involved?

QMUL Hockey Club provides a great experience for all students who want to get involved.

On the sporting side of things, training at Lee Valley on Monday allows both beginners and experienced hockey players the opportunity to develop their skills with dedicated coaches. Our members can then put these skills to the test in the men’s and women’s teams that play in BUCS leagues on Wednesday afternoons and in our mixed team that competes on Sundays in LUSL.

Away from the hockey itself, our club provides a fantastic environment for meeting new people and socialising. We benefit in this regard from being a mixed club, and in addition to running weekly socials on Wednesdays during term-time we have a great summer tour.

At its core, QMUL Hockey is really a big family and a brilliant club to get involved with.

And a final fun fact about this club?

We are an extremely international club with members from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Thailand, Canada and many more!

Don't forget you can train with the club on Mondays 7.30-9pm at the world class Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in the Olympic Park! Get in touch with the club committee via one of their social media pages below for more information.

Facebook: QMUL Hockey

Instagram: QMULHockey

Twitter: @qm_hockey