Statement from the Executive Officers

The Executive Officers have released a statement regarding the murder of Sarah Everard and the support services available to students.

As your full-time Executive Officer team, we have been horrified and distressed to hear the news of Sarah Everard’s disappearance and murder over the past weeks. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at what must be an unimaginably painful time.

The national conversation has rightly highlighted the prevalence of gendered violence as well as ongoing issues of police and state violence. We remember Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry, Libby Squire and all victims and survivors.

A significant proportion of women experience the trauma of physical, emotional and sexual violence during their lifetime, from partners, ex-partners, family members, acquaintances and strangers. Many of us have our own stories and experiences.

To prevent violence, we must challenge the misogyny and entrenched structural inequalities that underlie it and which deny survivors access to support and justice. We recognise that marginalised women, including women of colour, LGBT+ women and disabled women, face both greater risk and additional barriers to support and justice. The burden of this work must not be the sole responsibility of women and people of marginalised genders.

We will continue to use our roles to challenge gendered violence and push for safe spaces for survivors within and beyond the University. 

Executive Officer Team 2020/21

Information and support

  • Violence against women and girls - University resources and support - a webpage providing further information and several support links to external organisations who can provide support. It also shares information about how to keep yourself safe.
  • Report + Support – A tool for students, staff and visitors to report or find support for all forms of sexual and gender-based violence, harassment, bullying or hate crime.
  • Local and national organisations – There are many local and national organisations that can support you if you have experienced violence or abuse. You can find the contact details of a range of support services here on the Report + Support website. 
  • Advice and Counselling Service – Advice about external support services and access to counselling support. You can request to speak to a Welfare Adviser through Report + Support or contact the service directly to speak to a Counsellor. 
  • Academic Advice Service (Students' Union) – Advice and guidance about Queen Mary policies and processes such as making a report, the investigation process, appeals and extenuating circumstances.

To learn more about our work to challenge sexual and gender-based violence, you can read our action plan here. If you would like to provide feedback as part of our consultation on students’ experiences of reporting or accessing support, you can find more information here.


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