Statement from your Executive Officers

The Executive Officers would like to address an email that has recently circulated amongst students on our campuses and online. We, as a Students’ Union denounce institutional racism and any practice of discrimination.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are not mere buzzwords and tick boxes, rather it is the movement towards cultural change within the University. Students are proactively voicing their disappointment and concern over what was expressed in this email, and the Students’ Union would like to echo those sentiments. We understand that students are concerned by the current lack of action on this matter, so we would like to actively work with the student body to ensure student concerns are raised with the University.

In conjunction with that intention we will be holding an open meeting at 5pm on Monday 14th October, in Bancroft 3.15. This will allow for a conversation to take place, where we can directly hear the collective concern from students.

Talhah Atcha - President

Megan Annetts - Vice President Barts and The London

Shamima Akter  - Vice President Welfare

Annika Ramos - Vice President Education