Statement on 'Punish a Muslim Day' Letters

It has been brought to our attention that a number of people in East London have received letters regarding ‘Punish a Muslim Day’. The letter features a list of violent acts to be undertaken on 3rd April against Muslims and has been sent to addresses across the country, including Bradford, Leicester, Cardiff and Sheffield in addition to addresses in London.

We find the letters extremely disturbing and distressing, and we condemn the content in the strongest possible manner.  Hate speech in any form is not tolerated by Queen Mary Students’ Union, and students deserve to feel safe in their place of study. We have informed Queen Mary Security, who have also informed the local police.

If any students face any form of Islamophobia at any time, please report it through the Stop Hate reporting tool on the QMUL-specific Stop Hate website and report the incident to the non-emergency 101 crime reporting number. If you feel a sense of immediate danger, call the police on 999.

The police have issued the following advice to anybody who has received a letter:

  • Keep the number of people who handle the letter and the envelope to a minimum. This is to allow the police the best chance to identify the sender through the use of forensic techniques and to minimise the risk of harm
  • Place the letter and the envelope in a clean plastic bag or something similar, as this will stop further contamination.
  • Call your local police and inform them- they will assess what you have received and will know the procedure to follow, and whether the letter is part of a series or not.

Police and counter terrorism units are currently investigating the source of the letters.