What happened at Education & Welfare Zones?

What happened at Education Zone and Welfare Zone?

Last month, meetings of the Education and Welfare Zones took place. These are meetings held by your elected Welfare and Education representatives to discuss the campaigns they’ve been working on and to plan what they’ll be doing over the year ahead.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Welfare or Education projects, you can get in touch with your officers here.

What is Education Zone?
The Education Zone is led by the Vice President Education and supported by 15 Education Representatives and the Education Coordinator, a member of QMSU staff to represent you and improve the quality of your education experience at Queen Mary.

What Happened?

It was confirmed that Mile End Library will be open 24/7 during term time after years of campaigning from Executive Officers and Student Council representatives. The Education Zone will also be working to extend the hours of the Whitechapel Library!

The Education Zone has also decided to work on improving feedback, encouraging schools to utilise Qreview, Postgraduate support and to review the current support available for Course Reps, including the introduction of a Course Rep Conference and much more.

You can find the minutes from the Education Zone meeting here.

What is Welfare Zone?
The Welfare Zone is led by the Vice President Welfare and is supported by 12 Welfare and Equal Opportunities Representatives and a full-time staff member. They produce regular briefings and updates on local and national issues relating to the student experience and work to improve student life in areas such as access to education, public transport, student finance, equality of opportunity and student welfare.

What happened?

VP Welfare, Ahmed, is currently planning work for Islamophobia Awareness Month and to celebrate the cultural societies we have on campus at his event, GloBall!

Ahmed also launched the Be Kind To Your Mind campaign last week, with help from other Welfare representatives on World Mental Health Day, chatting to students and planting seeds to grow at home including basil, mint and coriander! If you missed out- not to worry- there are loads of Be Kind To Your Mind guides in the Students’ Union Hub, which feature tips on how to ensure you look after your mental health in the same way you’d look after your physical health, or browse the online version.

You can find the minutes from the Welfare Zone meeting here.