Course Rep of the month 2022/23

Each month we award the Course Rep of the Month title to a rep from each faculty. you can view the course rep of the month's winners here.

Course Rep of the Month is our scheme designed to recognise and reward the hard work that our amazing Course Reps do! Each month we award the Course Rep of the Month title to a rep from each faculty (Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Medicine and Dentistry).

Congratulations to all our winners! To find out how to nominate a Course Rep for Course Rep of the month, please see the end of the page.


See the winners below:

March 2023 winners
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Zain Khan - Year 3 Accounting and Management

Zain has worked to ensure the concerns of his cohort are effectively communicated with and addressed by academic staff. He has collected feedback concerning exams, researching requirements of professional accounting bodies to help convince staff to make adjustments to their modes of assessment. He has contacted the library to ensure provision of e-books during periods where students are unable to get to campus such as during train strikes, and made sure students were kept up to date on teaching changes. He has worked to improve the academic feedback students receive, opening lines of communication between students and staff when this was unsatisfactory and more personalised feedback was requested.  


Faculty of Science and Engineering
Leila Pooriakia - Year 2 Chemistry

Leila is described as a helpful and supportive Course Rep who values the opinions of everyone in her cohort. She works hard to maintain communication with students and ensures all opinions are taken into account to come up with balanced solutions to issues. She takes the initiative to speak up on issues during lectures and quickly works to fix problems such as submission errors during exams. She has effectively negotiated with staff to allow certain booklets in exams, and keeps students updated on upcoming deadlines and changes to the course.   


School of Medicine and Dentistry
Saima Syed - Year 4 Medicine

Saima has gone above and beyond to work on improving her cohorts experience. She has created feedback reports for staff members, including a report this month concerning Year 4 GP placements. She is proactive in arranging meetings with staff and other Course Reps, organising suggestion documents beforehand to ensure all issues are effectively communicated and addressed. She is described as approachable and has put in effort to always close the feedback loop by regularly updating students on the progress of their complaints.   


February 2023 winners
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Maddie Ngombo - Year 2 History

Maddie has shown fantastic leadership and drive in her role. During strikes, she has organised fortnightly meetings with the department to keep students well informed on any impacts or changes. She has helped advocate for student staff in organising pay, and has raised serious and difficult concerns such as micro-aggressions and racism during meetings with the department. She is pro-active and is described by her cohort as a great representative for them. 


Faculty of Science and Engineering
Omayma Bouaziz - year 3 Biochemistry

Omayma is praised by her cohort for her amazing work ethic and efficiency in raising and solving issues. She collects weekly positive and negative feedback through google forms concerning lectures and workload, communicating this to lecturers through emails and meetings. When issues are raised, she not only communicates it through SSLC’s, but researches the issues and proposes possible solutions. She has collaborated with course reps across the school and faculty on wider issues such as assessments, and is described by her cohort as kind, supportive, empathetic, and flexible.


School of Medicine and Dentistry
Yeshodhaa Soobramon - Year 2 Medicine (Malta)

Yeshodhaa has made sure student’s concerns are heard, engaging with student queries, suggestions, and concerns through a variety of channels and methods. They have engaged in both Malta and London Junior SSLC meetings to foster cross-Faculty communication with members of staff and other Course Reps. They have also taken steps to make student’s aware of their role and engaged with students in a friendly manner to ensure they feel comfortable coming to Yeshodhaa with their concerns.



January 2023 winners
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Farheen Rajwani - LLM Commercial and Corporate Law

Farheen is praised by her cohort for being approachable and having great communication with students. Students who reached out for help with issues expressed that they felt heard, and that Farheen was understanding and eager to help. She is proactive in gathering feedback, reaching out to students to hear what issues they would like addressed. Farheen always makes sure to report back to students after meetings so they are updated on developments and responses.


Faculty of Science and Engineering
Aisha Qadi - Year 3 Psychology

Aisha has used a variety of data collection methods to gather widespread and detailed feedback on a range of issues from students, including using surveys, questionnaires, and in person meetings. She has created end-of-semester reports to communicate this information well to staff and is constantly engaged with relevant staff members to ensure concerns are raised and change is implemented. She is described as approachable, flexible, and always willing to help her fellow students.

School of Medicine and Dentistry
Pran Mahendran - Year 5 Medicine

Pran has ensured issues students face are addressed quickly and efficiently. He has worked closely with the Head of Institute and other staff to collect feedback from his cohort, and maintained these staff connections to ensure student concerns are always being heard. He is approachable and is constantly engaged with students, assuring any changes are communicated back to students in order to keep them informed and close the feedback loop.   


December 2022 winners 
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Zil Shah - LLM Comparative and International Dispute Resolution 

Zil has excelled as a Course Rep through her organisation of events and friendly and inclusive approach. She has organised a variety of events to provide her cohort with both academic and networking opportunities, including a talk on international arbitration and an external trip to a conference on renewable energy. She has also arranged social events which have allowed students to get to know each other and herself, in order to create a supportive and communicative environment. Her cohort describe her as helpful, always accessible and eager to clarify any doubts or concerns, and has been a welcoming presence to students who have joined the course late or struggled to get as involved as others.  


Faculty of Science and Engineering 
Cherry To - Psychology Year 1 

Cherry is described by her cohort as a friendly and reassuring presence, who is eager to take feedback and aid communication between students and staff. She has created questionnaires as a means of effectively gathering feedback from her cohort and to better understand everyone’s concerns. She has also been fantastic at following through on any concerns raised, by communicating to lecturers on behalf of students and discussing how to best make improvements for the better of the course. She is described by her cohort as cheerful, caring, and great at motivating other students to excel.  

School of Medicine and Dentistry 
Maria Alaswad - Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics Year 2 

Maria has been described by her cohort for being extremely proactive and helpful as a Course Rep. She has worked hard to get feedback from students and makes sure that information is communicated effectively to teaching staff so that communication lines are open and issues can be addressed. She goes above and beyond to ensure students are doing well even during busy academic periods and is organised in staying on top of issues that have been raised. 


November 2022 winners
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Elida Dode and Kanchi Harwani – LLM Intellectual Property Law

Elida and Kanchi have been very pro-active in their role and have gone above and beyond for their cohort. Many students have described them as helpful, organised, and reliable. They have worked hard to bond with students, gathering their feedback and contacting tutors in order to fight for student interests. They have worked to address student queries and concerns and always share knowledge openly, effectively communicating updates with their cohort. Elida and Kanchi have also been working hard to create networking events which have been well attended by their cohort. They have contacted relevant law firms in the field of IP and have hosted two events, which students found very informative, providing them with guidance and opportunities for future careers.


Faculty of Science and Engineering
Syed Muhammad Shahzaib Haider - Mathematical Science Year 2

Syed has worked diligently to ensure students voices were heard regarding January in-person exams, which his fellow students say he has approached with a no give-up attitude. He gathered de-personalized, accurate, balanced, and constructive feedback from students and researched to produce a report which was presented to relevant members of staff across the school and Students’ Union. He updated students on progress and outcomes, and set up meetings to allow students to be involved directly in conversations. When members of his cohort were struggling, he referred them to the required support avenues. He also worked pre-emptively to anticipate disruptions that might affect his cohort, checking for strike updates and looking through the National Student Survey to research what issues students commonly face.


School of Medicine and Dentistry
Emilia Copeland - MSc Creative Arts and Mental Health

Emilia is described by her cohort as pro-active and flexible, and as someone who comes up with great solutions to issues that are raised. She is always willing to advocate for student issues and works efficiently to improve the student experience. She always finds time for her cohort and seeks student feedback through a variety of communication methods, ensuring all students have the opportunity to suggest improvements and raise issues. Emilia has done an excellent job of raising student feedback, creating a thorough and organised document of student thoughts to share with staff. She has also maintained lines of communication with lecturers to work on issues and reported findings back to students to close the feedback loop. She has also facilitated extra-curricular activities and events to enrich her cohort's experience



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