Course Rep of the month 2022/23

Each month we award the Course Rep of the Month title to a rep from each faculty. you can view the course rep of the month's winners here.

Course Rep of the Month is our scheme designed to recognise and reward the hard work that our amazing Course Reps do! Each month we award the Course Rep of the Month title to a rep from each faculty (Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Medicine and Dentistry).

Congratulations to all our winners! To find out how to nominate a Course Rep for Course Rep of the month, please see the end of the page. 

See the winners below:


May 2022 Winners:

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Kady Rani Singh - French, Year 2                                                                                         Kady has been proactively liaising with her peers. Despite dealing with personal issues, Kady made herself available for others to approach her with their qualms, inquiries, anxiety, and IT problems during exams as well as throughout the year. She liaised with the Senior Tutor throughout the year on behalf of students concerning personal issues and supported students with sensitive issues within SLLF. She has tried her best to always be available and fulfilled her responsibility by communicating issues to professors and staff members when her peers needed assistance.

Faculty of Science & Engineering

Henriana Kombo Nguila Iyongo - Psychology, Year 1 Rep
Henriana has been a motivated rep as she reached out to her cohort and got to know them better, whilst also making herself available to them. She has shown signs of resilience and determination throughout the year as she communicated exam concerns with the module organiser, which improved clarity during exams. Henriana and her colleague, Nur-Khadijah, successfully organised a highly requested picnic event for their cohort with the help of staff. Finally, she has been proactive in SSLC meetings as she represented her cohort by raising concerns and communicating them to other reps and staff. As a result, Henriana has impressively contributed to improving students’ experiences.

School of Medicine & Dentistry

Mai Essam Mahmoud Shehab - Intercalated Courses MSc Rep
Mai has been a great Course Rep as she continuously ensured that there was a feedback loop between students and staff on her course, especially during exam season. She went above and beyond in her role by organising sessions throughout the year for her cohort and passed on concerns to senior members of staff.


April 2022 Winners:

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Roy Kiruri – Banking and Finance Law LLM
Roy led the organisation and running of an academic and careers event. This included a presentation given by a PhD student at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (i.e. the PG Law School), and a Q&A session with staff at the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). On top of this, he dealt with various queries from students during the assessment period, directing them to relevant resources, as well as asking academic staff questions on their behalf. Roy is currently on the organising committee that is planning the LLM End of Year Party to take place at Drapers in June. He enjoyed collaborating with the other Course Reps and wants to ensure they put on an event that serves as a fitting end to his cohort’s time as Queen Mary students!

Faculty of Science & Engineering

Olena Hrynenko – MSc Artificial Intelligence
Olena has been constantly in touch with her peers throughout the year to ensure they received the support they need and has been a friendly face they could talk to. Throughout the exam period, Olena has been a great help to her colleagues as she actively communicated with module leaders and managed to negotiate an extension on tight deadlines for colleagues while keeping them in the loop with progress. She has been a primary point of contact for multiple students and referred many to the appropriate services regarding issues to do with visas, exams, technical issues. Prior to SSLC meetings, Olena sent out surveys to students to collate their feedback on any issues and would think of any actions to be taken. She also organised gatherings with cohort to keep in touch during the summer.

School of Medicine & Dentistry (Joint Winners)

Alfatheha Rahman – Dentistry, BDS
Alfatheha’s peers believe that she has always been the most active person in their year group. When she does something she goes above and beyond and they couldn’t ask for a better rep. Her peers describe her to be the kind of person they all go to for help and the glue that holds them together. They continue by stating, that ‘she’s such a lovely person with the kindest and rarest heart, she deserves this award’.

Nabihah Rahman – Medicine, Year 1
Nabihah listened to students concerns about making Turnitin reports visible to students prior to submission of assignments. She collected information and opinions on the topic from the whole cohort using surveys and informal conversations and presented them at the JSSLC. She was successful in facilitating the addition of a Turnitin score/report viewing section for year 1 students which was well received from the cohort. She demonstrated that she was able to facilitate changes that caused direct improvements to student engagement with assignments/submissions.


March 2022 Winners:

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Tolulope Oke - Regulations & Compliance (LLM) Rep
Tolulope has fulfilled her role as a Course Rep. She has successfully organized and executed a career panel discussion wherein the students in her course and other courses that attended were able to receive direction about the post study job roles and have their CVs reviewed. She has organised and executed a student social event for her cohort as well as an additional event with the Program director at the end of the teaching week. She also helped students resolve the class rescheduling to ensure all students were present and in attendance.

Faculty of Science & Engineering

Sushnitha Baskaran – Mechanical & Sustainable Energy Engineering Year 2 Rep
Sushnitha has demonstrated exceptional dedication to her role. This includes getting input from her peers and analysing trends and topics that may be discussed during SSLC meetings. As well as properly communicating any issues or good feedback to the staff so that they may enhance their teaching methods. She also has good communication skills and can successfully discuss and empathise with any issues her peers may have. She is constantly personable, especially during exam periods, and is always eager to listen to her classmates' issues and foster a positive environment.

School of Medicine & Dentistry

Beatrix Twine - MSc DL Global Public Health Rep
Beatrix has not only been a fantastic colleague but has been imperative in making students in her cohort feel acknowledged and validated. She has shown excellence in leadership through representing her cohort and made consistent effort to hear student concerns and continuously ensured they were heard by the course leads. Beatrix's ambition to visualize her cohort as a network of critical partnerships has taken a leading role in developing and organizing online communities that can partner together to meet similar goals, proving they are all in this together. Beatrix was a champion for her cohort, and her colleagues believe she fully deserves this nomination.


February 2022 Winners:

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Zain Habib Khan - Accounting and Management Year 2
Zain has persistently attempted to adjust and make necessary arrangements for exams taking place in person in May for his cohort, which included revision classes and extra support. He also contacted the library on various occasions to make e-books readily available to all students during the pandemic. Zain ensured students were granted an extension to deadlines, due to delayed submissions resulting from technical issues when submitting work online. Under every circumstance he tried his best to satisfy everyone within the course and kept them well-informed on updates.

Faculty of Science & Engineering

Deborah Olowu – Chemical Engineering Year 2
Deborah has communicated feedback between her peers and staff very well and provided useful information in preparation for Course Rep meetings. She went out of her way to help her cohort and made sure any enquiries that arose were dealt with. Deborah also provided constant updates to those on her course regarding specific modules or opportunities they may be interested in. She has demonstrated the key skills of a Course Rep, such as communication, leadership and teamwork, and her fellow peers can testify to that.


School of Medicine & Dentistry

Ciaran Ashwin Padhiar - Medic Year 4 (Malta)
Ciaran has been an amazing Course Rep during this challenging year. He was available and approachable to students during busy times and is always willing to listen to their concerns. His input during SSLC meetings has been extremely helpful as he always advocated the students. Students feel very comfortable to go to him with any issues and concerns, as they trust him to represent them fairly. He demonstrated outstanding organisational skills, being able to juggle his own placements, assignments, and Course Rep responsibilities. His peers hope he will also represent them again next year.


January 2022 Winners:

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Ananya Mukherjee - Law Year 1 Rep
Ananya has put a lot of effort into being a Course Rep. She has always reached out to her colleagues, making sure everyone knows they are there to help. Students from within and outside the cohort have reached out to Ananya because they trust in her work. In every SSLC meeting, she ensures all student wishes are brought to attention. Ananya also started a '2 R’s' approach to duties, ‘Reach and Reform’. She states for ‘Reach’, they managed to introduce a ‘Course Representative Discussion’ section on QMPlus (to take effect soon), so they can reach as many students as possible. Once students  are able to access this, ‘Reform would not be too far away.’

Faculty of Science & Engineering

Aimee Lockhart - Physics & Astronomy Year 1 Rep
Aimee has proven multiple times that she is a great team player and has been there for her peers and fellow Course Reps. She has proven to everyone that she is more than capable in leading, and her colleagues are far beyond impressed by her abilities. She is full of ideas and changes that the department needs. Many Physics students' also trust her because of her approachableness which her peers would agree, makes a great Course Representative.

School of Medicine & Dentistry

Elise Pohl - MSc Global Public Health Rep
Elise has created a positive space for students since the beginning of the program. She advocated her peers during a difficult month - when taught courses had finished and the dissertation module began. It was a very challenging month for students to navigate and many questions arose within the cohort that needed special attention. Having a Course Rep that communicates student needs in a professional setting has been imperative in their course, especially when learning online, where many student learning needs are overlooked. Her peers believe she deserves this nomination for all her work in helping their course run smoother.


December 2021 Winners:

Faculty of Science & Engineering

Maria Zareef Kahloon - Neuroscience Year 2
Maria has defended and presented the concerns of her cohort at the SSLC meeting and school forum. A major concern was regarding how to write first-class essays, after bringing this to the attention of staff at the SSLC, they took on her suggestion about having essay help clubs, which can help students in structuring their work to get higher marks. Furthermore, Maria ensures to check up on peers and has planned social events, as not all course peers have had the chance to socialise due to lockdown. As a result have been able to reach out to Maria for advice and trust their concerns are dealt with promptly.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Priyal Jain – Intellectual Property Law (LLM) 
From organising several social events to addressing students’ concerns, Priyal tries to make LLM at Queen Mary a memorable time for her cohort, as their satisfaction is the utmost important factor to her. In the first semester of the LLM program, she tried to ensure a core module was shifted from being taught online to in person. Priyal has gained approval for a major career event for the second semester, focused in the field of Fashion Law. This would give her cohort a chance to engage in meaningful discussion with eminent international speakers and enhance their careers in Intellectual Property.

School of Medicine & Dentistry

Amelie Moro – Malta Year 4
Amelie is commended as a Course Rep due to her continued organisation of meetings. Her enthusiasm for the role and ability to comfort and reassure her cohort in all the issues they are facing has been praised by her peers. Even throughout the busy times of the year with deadlines and coursework, Amelie has put 100% of her time and effort into being a fair and approachable Course Representative.


November 2021 Winners:

Faculty of Science & Engineering

Nitya Mahajan - Mathematics with Actuarial Science Year 2
Nitya helped address issues regarding attendance. She took part in a learner engagement analysis focus group to improve and envision engagement. She also attended all meetings to discuss important issues regarding the cohort and gathered cohort options to voice in meetings. Thank you Nitya!

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Joint winners)

Ignazio Stefano Incarbone – Intellectual Property Law (LLM) 
Stefano has been working hard to improve the experience of his cohort. In addition to daily assisting classmates in addressing the several problems that arose, Stefano has organised a social event that had been approved and executed, as well as two other events (a career IP event on the UK IP legal sector and an international conference on the Unified Patent Court) that will be announced soon and highly likely to take place in December. Thank you Stefano!

Luis Miguel Posadas Yanez – Banking and Finance Law (LLM) 
Luis has been hugely active in making sure that his cohort continuously has a variety of social events to attend. This includes pub trips, shows at the Royal Opera House, ice skating, meals out or Secret Santa gift swaps. He always has the brightest smile in the room and really listens to all the concerns of students in his cohort - as well as voicing them to the relevant academic staff. He's everything his classmates could hope for in a Course Rep! Thank you Luis!



Nominations for April Course Rep of the Month is open! 

You can nominate a Course Rep for Course Rep of the Month using our nomination form: Click here for nomination formThe deadline for April nominations is the end of this Thursday (18/05/22).

Every month winners are chosen by the Faculty Vice Presidents, one from each faculty. The winners receive a certificate and a small prize to show our appreciation. We recommend looking at the criteria (shown here) before submitting your nomination, so you can include everything our panel is looking for.

If you have any questions, please get in touch! You can contact us at


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