Barts Students: How to keep going

It has been a very long year, feeling even longer when it feels like everyone is off on holidays and enjoying the unusually good weather while you are stuck revising for yet more exams. 

The art of ‘keeping going’ and resilience when it comes to studying is not to be underestimated, although you might not look like you’ve run a marathon, your brain certainly feels like it has.  

Before we get into tops tips to keep you going, first be proud of yourself you’ve got this far. Even if you are currently beating yourself up you’ve not done enough today or are enviously looking at the person opposite in the library who hasn’t stopped writing for the last 3 hours, you still deserve to give yourself praise for getting this far. Remember, everyone is on their own pace and will approach the assessment period differently. 

Now let’s get into a few tips to keep you going  

Take regular breaks 

Yep, I know, stopping work to get better at work sound oxymoronic but it does help. Take an evening off to have a drink of your choice, meet with some friends at the Griff, or stop there for food at lunch to break up the day.  

Remember break are important, study works best in 20-30 minute increments. 

Keep exercising  

One of the first things to go when I am busy is exercising. It is so important not only for your health but also the release of positive endorphins will help lift your mood and make you study better. Even if it is a quick stretch when you get away from your desk, or taking time to go outside, it can be a big boost. Exercise comes in lots of different forms, so find what works for you! 

Get Study Smart 

We have loads of revision and study skills available on the Study Well webpage, and the Academic Skills team are available to help you make the most of your studying. When we come across a roadblock, often we stop or give up because we have no idea how to carry on. This can be true for studying, finding how or what way best suits your study skills is a lifelong skill. Some ways to help is to:  

  • Check out the Academic Skills team

  • Create a study timetable where you have set goals and actions for each day. 

  • Keep hardest topics for the morning 

  • Create colourful notes and mind maps 

  • Practice old exams and papers 

  • Start assignments sooner rather than later 

  • Read plenty of articles and medical blogs. Learn what your topic is all about. 

Don’t create conditions in which you are torturing yourself.  

Humans need 7-8 hours’ sleep a minimum a night. Any less and your brain isn’t performing to the standard it should, and you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. Make sure you are factoring enough time to get sleep, especially the day before a big exam or assessment.  

Find your ultimate study space, make sure it is well ventilated and with plenty of light. If you’re study space isn’t suitable for a humble house plant, think about how you can mix it up. There are plenty of study spaces available at the BLSA and across multiple campuses.

Look after your own welfare  

Make sure you are prioritising your wellbeing, if you find yourself struggling, please reach out for support. Check here for places to go to and get in contact with.

We also have a Welfare Officer whose here to gather feedback, represent welfare issues students at the School of Medicine and Dentistry face. 



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