Liberation Fund

Queen Mary Students’ Union understands that forms of structural oppression marginalise some groups of students, such as LGBT+, BME, disabled and women students. In response to a recent Student Council motion mandating the Students’ Union to lobby the University for funding for Black History Month, the Executive Officers wrote to Queen Mary’s Principal, Colin Bailey, to ask that funding be provided for liberation campaigns such as Black History Month, Islamophobia Awareness Month, LGBT+ History Month and Asian Heritage Month.

As a result, for the year 2019/20 the Students' Union has secured £20,000 to support student-led projects, campaigns and events relating to liberation.

The money will provide a fund of £3,750 for each of the Students’ Union’s Liberation Months, as well as a further fund for general liberation projects. This funding will be open to any Students’ Union representative or Student Group to apply to.

Applications for the Liberation Fund open in early July 2019 and will remain open throughout the academic year. The deadlines for applying for funding if you wish to be included in the events programme for Black History Month 2019 and Islamophobia Awareness Month 2019 are outlined below.


Key deadlines:

Black History Month (October 2019)

  • The deadline to submit your Liberation Fund application and be included in the Students’ Union programme and publicity (i.e. posters, flyers and the programme on the website) is Monday 5th August.
  • Room bookings and the Event Registration Form must be submitted by Monday 12th August at 9am.

Islamophobia Awareness Month (November 2019)

  • The deadline to be included in the Students’ Union programme and publicity (i.e. posters, flyers and the programme on the website) is midnight on Sunday 22nd September.


How to apply:

To apply to the Liberation Fund you must fill out the application form linked below. Please read the Guidance Notes carefully before applying. Applicants must follow all relevant Students’ Union processes in order for funding to be granted and events approved.

Guidance Notes
Liberation Fund Application Form

For all applications, you must then book a room via the Students' Union reception by a date TBC.


More information:

If you have any questions about the Liberation Fund, please contact or attend a scheduled drop-in session.