Study Well Sessions: Aiyana Khan

Course Rep Aiyana Khan shares her Study Well tips in our latest Study Well sessions blog post.

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Name: Aiyana Khan

Position: International Foundation Year programme for Law Course Rep and Co-Chair for SSLC meetings. 

Your top study tip

Organising and dividing up work so there is less pressure, colour coding notes helps you to remember information better and also having mini rewards for yourself after completing tasks boosts motivation.

Your favourite thing to do to take a break from studying

I light some scented candles turn some music on close my eyes and take it all in, its been really effective for me because I’m an over stressor it helps calm my nerves and takes me to a zen mode

What's your favourite study playlist or podcast?

I have my own Spotify playlist with tunes that help me. You can find my Spotify playlist here.

What's your favourite recipe/thing to cook to help you study?

I am a bad cook, but I love coffee it’s a must, apart from that I love desserts. If I had to pick a favourite it would be a very dense classic chocolate cake.

Where is your favourite place to study?

I love my study, it is a secluded corner of my house with an incredible view.


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