Study Well Sessions: Aleksandra Olszewska

Aleksandra, Volunteering Officer, talks to us about her Study Well tips including her favourite podcasts, playlists and recipes!

Your top study tip

I would really recommend using some sort of app (for example Forest) when studying. This way you can firstly, stay off your phone (the biggest distraction of them all!!) and secondly see exactly how long you spent studying that day. When I first started using Forest it really helped me to better understand how long I usually spend studying a given lecture/topic and allowed to plan my studying more effectively.

Your favourite thing to do to take a break from studying

Lately, I’ve rediscovered my love for watercolours (something I haven’t really done since primary school). It is a great way to take a break, it’s super relaxing and you can choose how long you want to spend doing that depending on what you’re drawing. For those just starting out there are some great tutorials on YouTube!

What's your favourite study playlist or podcast? (Please provide a link and we'll share these with students as recommended by you.)



  • This new Bright Network commercial awareness podcast, there’s just one episode but it is very informative!
  • A16z also for people who’d like to keep up with the current trends, it’s especially focused around tech.
  • The Food Medic very informative series focused around various aspects of both physical and mental health.
What's your favourite recipe/thing to cook to help you study?

I usually crave sweet/warm kind of “comfy” food when studying. My favourite recipes include;

?For more savoury recipes I’d recommend;

Where is your favourite place to study?

A couple of months ago my response would simply say the Library. However, as it’s not the case anymore lately what I really value when I study is to study in a well-lit room, with loads of natural light. I recently moved my desk next to a window and so far, it’s been working really well. I’m not sure what’s the trick here but it works for me. 


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