Study Well Sessions: Beatrix Andrews

Beatrix discusses her top study tips and her favourite recipes, featuring banana pancakes!

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Your top study tip 

My top study tip is to put your phone on ‘do not disturb’! Often, it’s too easy to let yourself be distracted by social media/group chats/games etc and before you know it you’ve just wasted 40 minutes scrolling through your timeline. Although, setting your phone to ‘do not disturb’ helps curb that temptation by silencing notifications! To note, people can still call you on this setting so you’re still reachable in case of an emergency!

Your favourite thing to do to take a break from studying 

I love to go for a walk! It’s a great way of taking a break from the screen and clearing your head whilst being active and stretching your legs.

What's your favourite study playlist or podcast?

Gustav Holst’s album The Planets is my favourite thing to listen to whilst studying because it’s great for concentration! Find it on Spotify here.

Also anything by Ludvico Einaudi! Spotify link.

What's your favourite recipe/thing to cook to help you study?

I really love making banana pancakes for breakfast at the moment, I find it fun, relaxing and it is really quick and easy! Here's my favourite recipe!

(A scoop of protein powder can be added for extra protein. Peanut butter is also an amazing topping. Soya milk and flour can be used to make the pancakes Vegan.)


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