Study Well Sessions: Yassar Malik

Yassar, Gozo Representative, tells us about his top study tips, favourite study playlists and recipes and where he likes to study!

Your top study tip

Don’t force yourself to study when you’re tired.

I believe quality always outweighs quantity. So rather than studying 12+ hours a day, it would be better to study 6, where you’re fresh and alert and able to absorb most of it rather than tiring yourself out just to give yourself the false sense of belief that you “put the hours in” and that will ensure your success.

I believe it’s better to use the hours you save productively to better yourself e.g. exercising, meal prepping healthy meals and very importantly - getting enough sleep.

Your favourite thing to do to take a break from studying

For short breaks: Learning Japanese with Duolingo and playing Clash Royale or South Park: Phone Destroyer

For longer breaks: Going to the gym. It is one of my happy places. It’s also my drug of choice and I need my daily fix.

What's your favourite study playlist or podcast?
What's your favourite recipe/thing to cook to help you study?

I’ve recently found creatine supplements increase my energy and concentration levels and help me study better.

I meal prep a lot too, but only have the following recipe links:

Where is your favourite place to study?

This is an interesting one. During my first undergraduate degree I found studying at home the best as I had all the comforts and convenience of home and no distractions, and could make snacks when needed.

However, with this degree I prefer studying in the PC Lab. Having that distinction between my place of study and place of relaxation/sleep helps maintain the mind-set I need for both i.e. if I study at home I may feel like studying more or less than is good for me, whilst when I’m on campus I can focus on just studying and don’t have the option to lie down and have a nap… though I’d prefer not having to use public toilets.


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