LGBT+ Representative (BL)

Amelia Jones

My name’s Robert, I’m a third-year medical student and I’m BL LGBT+ Rep for this year.

I’ve got lots of fun events planned like making sure we keep up our pride week plans, quizzes and fun charity events. But I also want everyone to appreciate the issues felt by this community, helping improve how the university approaches LGBT+ topics with dignity, have talks on some big issues and organising forums to start some great debates.

At its heart, this role is to make sure that all students especially those in the LGBT+ community have their voices heard, ensuring inclusivity and making sure that all students feel their own form of pride.

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About the role:

The LGBT+ Representative (BL) represents Barts and The London students who self-define as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender or otherwise identify on the LGBT+ spectrum.



  • Engage with and lobby Queen Mary University of London and other relevant organisations to achieve improvements for LGBT+ students
  • Seek feedback from LGBT+ students in order accurately to represent their interests
  • Where appropriate, support the Executive Committee in their duties and responsibilities and seek support from them with respect to their own duties and responsibilities
  • Cooperate and coordinate with the LGBT+ Representative (Mile End) and Transgender Representative, where appropriate
  • Liaise with members of student groups relevant to the role


Meetings I attend:

  • Student Council (2 hour meeting, five times a year)
  • BLSA Board (2 hour meeting, six times a year)
  • Welfare Board (2 hour meeting, five times a year)

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