Education Representatives

Find your education representative and see who represents you for 2016/2017!
Mile End Officers

First Year Representative
Danai Osmond
Manifesto | Action Pland.osmond@hss16.qmul.ac.uk

Postgraduate Research Representative
Maksudur Rahman
Manifesto | Action Planm.mazumder@qmul.ac.uk

Postgraduate Taught Representative
Gemma Meredith
Manifesto | Action Plangmhmeredith@gmail.com

Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty RepresentativePetros PetrikkosManifesto | Action Planp.petrikkos@hss14.qmul.ac.uk

Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty RepresentativeChowdhury Albab KadirManifesto | Action Planabirchow18@gmail.com

Science and Engineering Faculty Representative
Hashim Mastan
Manifesto | Action Planh.mastan@se15.qmul.ac.uk

Science and Engineering Faculty Representative
Lewis Williams
Manifesto | Action Planl.williams@se14.qmul.ac.uk

International Representative
Shamrin Quddus
Manifesto | Action Plans.m.m.quddus@se15.qmul.ac.uk

Barts & The London Officers

First Year Representative
Jonas Schlautmann
Manifesto | Action Planjonas.schlautmann@gmail.com

Faculty Representative (Clinical)
Mahnur Khan
Manifesto | Action PlanMahnurfahimkhan@gmail.com

Faculty Representative (Dental)
Kieran Nandhra
Manifesto | Action Plank.nandhra@smd15.qmul.ac.uk

Faculty Representative (Pre-Clinical)
Ruari McGowan
Manifesto | Action Planr.mcgowan@smd15.qmul.ac.uk

Postgraduate Research RepresentativeArran Dokal & Emma VilventhrarajaManifesto | Action Plana.d.dokal@qmul.ac.uk

Postgraduate Taught Representative
Ama Enwerem
Manifesto | Action Plana.enwerem@qmul.ac.uk

Allied Course Representative
Anna Hicks
Manifesto | Action Planha15716@qmul.ac.uk