Executive Officers

Find out who is representing you in the Students' Union!

Who are they?

The Students' Union's Executive Officers represent and work for Queen Mary students. They make sure students’ voices are heard when decisions are made that affect them and raise issues and run campaigns on their behalf. They also direct the Students' Union in the way students want it to be run and to suit their needs.

The Students' Union full-time officers are elected by students in a campus-wide vote. Candidates have to be students at the time of the election and have to get themselves elected if they want to take on the role. They are paid full-time jobs with a term of one academic year.

All of the Executive Officers are Trustees of the Students' Union and, with the Board of Trustees, have ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the Students' Union and are responsible for the management, administration, governance (how the Students' Union is structured), budget and strategy. They also meet weekly as the Executive Committee.

President: Talhah Atcha - Talhah resigned from the Students' Union in April 2020 in response to Coronavirus outbreak, returning to the NHS as a doctor. Read his resignation letter to students here.
Acting President / VP Barts and The London: Megan Annetts
VP Education: Annika Ramos
VP Welfare: Shamima Akter