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Find out how you can start your own society!

A society is a group of students who share an interest that is approved and supported by the Students’ Union.

If you can’t find the society you’re looking for or think we’re missing something from our list of societies, don’t worry – it’s easy to set up your own society!

Running a society is easy and takes as much or as little time as you and your fellow committee members would like to give to it. Running a group is a great way to develop your skills and share your passion for your activity/interest with other students. Your group could run social events, competitions, training, talks and debates, raise money for charity – whatever you like!

The Students’ Union will give you all the information you need to get started and we’ll offer you a wide range of resources and support once your society is affiliated with QMSU.


How do I set up a new society?

All you need to get started is 2 people to run the society (Principal Officers) and an idea. You also need to show that your society has the backing of the student membership at QMSU, so you will have to gather the details of 10 students that would be interested in joining your society.

There are 5 opportunities in an academic year to start a new society. Your next application period is: 

August 2019 (dates to be confirmed)

The Societies Board (an elected panel of students) then meet a week after the deadline to decide on your application. The Societies Coordinator will notify you of your application’s outcome usually within 3 working days of the meeting.

Any new society application must not duplicate the aims, objectives and/or activities of another society, not be focused on commercial gain or be in conflict with any part of the Students’ Union Constitution and Bye-Laws.

To start a new society, you will need to complete the New Society Application Form and Annual Risk Assessment which you can download below. Our New Society Application Form helps you explain your idea and how your group will run safely and responsibly.


New Society Application Form

 Annual Risk Assessment 



As we have so many societies for students to choose from, we have split them into categories to make it easier to find them. You will be allocated a category that best suits your core aims, objectives and activity described in your application form.



Societies linked with their school, course or department. (For Barts – Those societies linked to a medical speciality)

Arts, Music & Performance

Societies involved with Art, Dance, Performance and Music.

Educational, Employability & Enterprising

Other academic, developmental or careers / skills building societies

Campaigning & Political

Working in an organised or active way towards a goal and relating to the ideas or strategies of a particular party, group in politics or an ideology.


Societies celebrating the ideas and customs of a particular people or nationality


Societies celebrating the beliefs of a particular a religion.


Activity or hobby based societies


Societies bringing people together over a common interest





What happens once my society has been approved?

If your society application is successful, you will be asked to complete the compulsory Societies Principal Officer training delivered by the Student Engagement Team.

The Student Engagement Team will set up your webpage on the QMSU website and will open an account on your behalf for all your society finances. Your society will also receive a £50 start-up fee (depending on availability in that round), which you can use to cover your promotional costs.

All Principal Officers should ensure that they pay their society’s membership subscription fees and encourage new members to do the same. You are not an official member of the society until you have done this.

You will need to demonstrate to the Students’ Union throughout the year that you are working towards your society’s aims and objectives. You must also ensure that you manage your society finances effectively and ensure that you are meeting all the necessary health and safety requirements set by the Students’ Union.

Information about and for non-affiliated student groups can be found here


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