Student Council

Find out what your student representatives get up to and take control of your Union!


At least four times a year the Union’s Student Representatives and Part-time Officers meet to discuss and debate the things that matter to you – from fees and cuts to environmental impact and the Union’s direction.

Any student can attend meetings, submit an issue or motion to be discussed and take part in the debate. It’s how you can get the Union to focus on your issues and change your student experience.

To find out more about submitting a motion and the agendas and minutes of meetings, click on the links below.


Student Council Dates 2016-17

Student Council meetings take place at 6.30pm on the days specified.

Dates Motion Deadline Amendment Deadline
Tuesday 11 October, Blomeley Rooms 11.59pm Tuesday 4 October 11.59pm Thursday 6 October
Tuesday 8 November, Blomeley Rooms 11.59pm Tuesday 1 November 11.59pm Thursday 3 November
Tuesday 24 January, Blomeley Rooms 11.59pm Tuesday 17 January 11.59pm Thursday 19 January
Tuesday 21 March, Blomeley Rooms 11.59pm Tuesday 14 April 11.59pm Thursday 16 April