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A big warm Students' Union welcome to our Study Well campaign, an initiative to support you, help you take a break and improve your wellbeing during your studies here at Queen Mary. We know that studying can be a huge source of stress for students, whether that’s lectures, coursework, revision, exams, or any other form of academic activity. That’s why we’re bringing Study Well to you, to provide workshops, relaxation, activities, deals, giveaways, study tips, and more!

This year we’ve given Study Well an increased presence throughout the academic year to maximise its benefit for all students, such as those assessed purely by coursework without exams, those with assessments outside of the traditional exam periods, and students whose courses run later into the summer such as postgraduate students and SMD students. We're now approaching the final semester for most of you, where the number of assessment deadlines and exams increase, so we're increasing our Study Well activities to support you and help you take a break.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic meaning less face-to-face Study Well events than normal, we’ve worked hard to create new online opportunities that will benefit our students and really help you to Study Well! Also keep an eye on our social media @qmsu for new features each day. Thanks to the university staff, Students’ Union staff, and student representatives who have all contributed to make Study Well what it is, and thank you to the university for their support with funding.

Make sure you look after yourselves and each other – and be sure to get in touch if you need anything, don’t be a stranger!

Take care, Jack

Study Well Features

How I adapted to online University?

Aleksandra Olszewska discusses how she's adapted to online learning and how the Forest app, a schedule, her favourite stationery and wellbeing walks have all helped her to study well.

Study Well Sessions: Aiyana Khan

Course Rep Aiyana Khan shares her Study Well tips in our latest Study Well sessions blog post.

Study Well Sessions: Beatrix Andrews

Beatrix, Disabled & Specific Learning Differences Representative for Mile End discusses her top study tips and her favourite recipes, featuring banana pancakes!


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Resources & Downloads

Stress & Anxiety as a student during COVID-19

Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies is offering the opportunity to engage with a recorded webinar looking at anxiety and stress. This webinar aims to raise awareness and understanding of anxieties from a student perspective as well as why anxiety triggers physical symptoms. There will be a focus on specific techniques to support with stress including the stress bucket and problem focused coping. This session will also look at understanding worry and its links to anxiety along with a specific technique to learn called Worry Management. To get access, you must be a resident or have a GP in Tower Hamlets and complete the form here to receive the link.

Stress Management

With exams and assignment deadlines coming up, Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies is offering the opportunity to engage with a recorded webinar focusing on Stress Management. This session will look at understanding your stressors as well as the fight or flight response to increase understanding of what is happening in the body when stressed. Then there will be a focus on numerous techniques to support managing stress including the stress bucket, problem and emotion focused coping techniques as well as relaxation. To get access, you must be a resident or have a GP in Tower Hamlets and complete the form here to receive the link.

Hear some of our course reps talking about their experiences of studying remotely during Covid-19 and the different strategies and attitudes that have helped them with useful study tips and strategies from three perspectives:

Check out our downloadable Bingo cards and see how many things you can cross off! Tag us in your completed cards on social media!

Be Kind To Your Mind

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions on normal life it’s more important than ever to take steps to boost your mindfulness. Mindfulness can positively change the way you feel about challenges, such as assessments. We’ve added helpful tips, podcasts of free mindfulness classes and things you can get involved in. Click here to find out more.

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