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Volunteer Organisation

The Students' Union rewards the effort and hard work of volunteers and recognise the brilliant contribution that they are making in the local community by offering three types of Volunteering Awards:


Volunteering Hours Awards



100 Community Volunteering Hours


50 Community Volunteering Hours


25 Community Volunteering Hours

Log your volunteering hours on your Volunteering Profile to work toward receiving Hours Awards, which are certificates issued to volunteers according to number of volunteering hours they have completed.

All hours completed through opportunities listed on or applied for via the QMSU Volunteering website will be accepted. Please get in touch with us before logging hours completed through charities or organisations not listed on our website so that we can verify these activities against our Awards Criteria.

Once any hours logged have been verified by the external organisation offering the placement, or by the president of the involved volunteering group, a awards certificate will be downloadable from the your Volunteering Profile.

Please note that hours accumulated between 1 August 2019 and 31 July 2020 will be valid and hours cannot be rolled over from one academic year to another.


Special Awards

For winners and details of our special awards 2018-19 click here