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Queen Mary Students' Union Volunteering is completely free to all local and national charity, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations.

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This is a set of terms and conditions regarding the responsibilities to student volunteers which we both agree to. This was introduced in light of child protection and adults at risk legislation and guidance, and to ensure that we promote the best opportunities to our students. View the full-service level agreement below.

Service level agreement

Students respond well to both regular and one-off volunteering. From our annual student survey, the main motivation for students to get involved with volunteering was to help people/improve things. It also showed that students like flexible opportunities that can fit around their timetables.

When uploading volunteering opportunities try to include as much detail on the role, location and time commitment (frequency, time of day, level of flexibility, etc) and how they will develop through the opportunity. Students are more likely to respond to a role in which they know what can be expected of them and one that sounds enticing.

To avoid overlap with our RAG team, QMSU Volunteering are not able to promote the following roles: door-to-door or telephone fundraising, sponsored events where people fundraise for themselves (e.g. an Abseil or skydive etc), or bucket collecting roles.

We want to promote volunteering opportunities which students want to do. This includes roles which challenge them, develop their skills, or provide the opportunity to work directly with end users. For this reason, there are a number of roles we don’t recruit student volunteers for and these include cheerers for races, envelope stuffers, or drivers.

All roles advertised need to be open to all students (regardless of personal attributes such as faith, gender, age, background, etc.) and roles cannot involve students recruiting members for or promoting the tenants of a particular faith or political leaning.

Roles cannot be roles in which volunteers and paid staff have the same responsibilities, or roles which ask for a time commitment of more than the equivalent of more than one day per week.

The Students’ Union volunteering service is not able to promote international volunteering opportunities.

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