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President of the Year

Awarded to the president with outstanding leadership skills, a holistic approach to club development, is approachable and effective for all associated parties, and who has made significant, relevant, and positive changes within their club.

Winner: Jess Challenger (BL Boat)

Community Sport Volunteer of the Year

Awarded to the person who has been committed to engaging with Community Sport opportunities, actively logs volunteer hours within the local community, and has made use of their Personal Development Pack.

Winner: Billy Davies

100 Club

Those who have logged 100 hours of volunteering within the community sport programme.

Winner: Salve Salvana and Billy Davies

Community Sport Project of the Year

Awarded to the project that used innovative ideas to engage the local community in sport, with consideration to inclusivity of specific target groups such as females or those who are inactive.

Winner: QM Women’s Football: Unity Ball

Committee of the Year

Awarded to a well-structured committee who held regular meetings, maintained excellent communication with both the club members and Students’ Union staff, had a unified vision of club development with clear forward planning for future committees, and balanced finances.

Winner: QM Squash

Jack Petchey

Awarded to a member who has gone above and beyond in their role for their club. The individual should stand out from the crowd in their commitment to their club, engagement with club members and engagement with the Students’ Union.

Winner: Billy Davies

Most Improved Club

Awarded to the club who has shown clear all round progression from previous years, a sustainable club development model has been implemented, has a proactive club committee and club members driving club development forward, and have increased the club offer whilst maintaining high standards of student satisfaction.

Winner: QM Climbing

Community Sport Club Contribution of the Year

Awarded to the club who has actively logged voluntary/paid hours within the local community, has many members of the club taking part in the Community Sport programme, and has had a genuine impact on the community through involvement with schools, clubs, or organisations.

Winner: QM Netball

Captain of the Year

Awarded to a student who possesses excellent leadership and communication skills, shows respect towards their team and their club, is an encouraging and inspiring role model to those in the club, and is an all-round hard working person.

Winner: Anna Telhaug (QMBL Women’s Basketball)

Get Active Club Contribution of the Year

Awarded to the club who has supported the delivery of Get Active sessions, had a proactive approach to improving attendances and access to recreational sport, and helps promote the ethos of the Get Active Programme.

Winner: QMBL Volleyball

RAG Charity Work of the Year

Awarded to the club who has championed charity and campaign work. This club will have had a considerable impact within both the local and QMUL community and will have inspired others to get involved and support them in their charitable aims.

Winner: QM Men’s Football

Sportsperson of the Year

Awarded to a high performing individual who is active in sports development in and out of the club, showing commitment in terms of their participation and encouraging increased participation. They always strive to do their best, demonstrate leadership skills in and out of competition, and set an exceptional example to fellow club members.

Winner: Cat Dyer (QM Boat)

Coach of the Year

Awarded to the coach who created and implemented a clear plan for club development along with the club’s input, maintained great communication with the club committee, club members, and Students’ Union staff, and finally have evidence of playing progress.

Winner: Chris Stone (QMBL American Football)

Team of the Year

Awarded to a team who has had notable successes in their fixtures, is highly organised with the team, logistics, fixtures and training, has strong team morale, consistent numbers of attendees at training sessions, and excellent communication and cooperation with Students’ Union staff.

Winner: QM Women’s Futsal

Club of the Year

Awarded to the club who has had a high achieving year in sport, and built a partnership with their coach to help create and implement clear club and player development plans. This club will also have been active in community and/or completing charity work, have excellent communication with the Students’ Union, a positive social media presence both physically and on social media, high student satisfaction for both performance and participation athletes and had a financially stable year.

Winner: QMBL Women’s Basketball

Campus Games Winner

Winner: School of Biologicial and Chemical Sciences

Student Staff Member of the Year

Winner: Nevroz Fehimli

Colours and Honours

Recognising athletic success and student commitment in the Club Sport programme. Congratulations to all those who were awarded either Half Colours, Full Colours or Club Honours.

Club Honours Winners:
  • Catherine Burns
  • Maria Fernandez-Salamanca
  • Mark Bollington
  • Eleanor Duncan
  • Avram Chua
  • Cat Dyer
  • Jesus Duque
  • Seraina Brunner
  • Emilie Fung
  • William Davies
  • Nikhil Ramjutten
Half Colours Winners:
  • Charlotte Young
  • Emma Duus
  • Emma Harris
  • Ffion Elliott
  • Jamila Cephas
  • Jenny Nuredini
  • Madalena Boccio
  • Marcela Faragone de Lara Eugenio
  • Ruby Edwards
  • Valeria Moreno
  • Khelat Alikhani
  • Christopher Lewis-Brown