Allied Courses Representative

About the role

The Allied Course Representative shall seek feedback from and represent non-clinical, Allied course’s students. They are also responsible for supporting the Vice President Science and Engineering and the Vice President Barts and The London, and encouraging the students they represent to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role description

The Candidates

Polen Bareke

Through my 2 years of experience as a course representative and the genuine motivation of creating positive change that is ingrained within me, I am ready to undertake this exciting role. Join me in this journey of advocating unity, cohesion and integration of Allied Courses into the BL community!

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Malvika Padinharayil

I'm Malvika, AKA Vicky. I'm a second-year neuro student. If elected as Allied Courses Rep, I'll aim to create a comfortable, fun, and supportive space for allied courses students through improving student engagement, lobbying for better resources specifically catered for allied courses and integration in the BL and QM communities.

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