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Find out about all the positions and the candidates below. Voting closes 4pm this thursday 9th March.

Full time Executive Officer candidates

Executive Officers are full time paid positions who receive £24,500 per a year. To be an executive Officer you could either take a year out of your studies or do it the year directly after completing your degree.


Vice President Barts & The London

Vice President Education

Vice President Welfare

Part Time Voluntary Officer candidates

Part Time voluntary positions are to be completed alongside your studies. They are a great way to develop skills and make a difference.

Cross Campus Positions

Student Trustee (x2)

NUS Delegate (x4)

Commercial Services Officer

Student Media Officer

Student Council Chair

Sustainability Officer

*Additional Non-representative positions

All positions officially take office from 1 August 2017, except NUS delegates who take office with immediate effect for one calendar year.