Societies Officer (BL)

About the role

Societies and clubs at Queen Mary cover a huge range of interests (over 300!) and can be a great way to pursue passions and build strong friendships. Every year, we have thousands of new students eager to get involved and the Societies Officer plays an important role in being the voice of these students. As a Societies Officer, you will approve new societies, plan and deliver events as well as allocate funding, all while working closely with Students’ Union staff. You’d also ensure that BL Societies and the Students’ Union maintain strong communication so that everything runs smoothly!

Role description

The Candidates

Sajeena Balenthiran

With extensive experience working within BL Societies as well as serving on the Societies Board, it seems only fitting that I represent you as the BL Societies Officer! I would be honoured to receive your vote and create genuine growth among our incredible BL Societies over the next year!

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Gustavo Loback

As a 3rd year medical student, I’m passionate about the BL community, and what better way to give back than as the voice of BL societies! As Societies Officer, I aim to improve engagement; champion better BL society spaces; closely partner with existing societies; and encourage new and restarted societies.

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Rithika Bhuvaneswaran & Maria Nasir

Hello! We are Maria and Rithika, and we would love to be your society officers! We have experience with many cultural, sporting, and academic societies and would love to bring our passion to the role. We look forward to hearing all your ideas and implementing them as best we can.

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Thomas Johnson

After a year as RAG officer, managing charities and fundraising, I have a wealth of experience working with student groups. It is incredibly important the SU’s dealings with societies are as transparent as possible and I would work to ensure this to protect societies’ interests across the SU and BLSA

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