How to Vote

Find out all you need to know about voting and how you can cast your vote. Remember, every vote counts!

How to vote

Go to www.qmsu.org and use your University username and password to log in, visit qmsu.org/elections and click the 'Vote Now' button to cast your vote.

Vote between 10am Monday 7th October and 4pm Thursday 10th October 2019.

Problems voting?

If you encounter any problems voting, including logging in to the Union website, please email su-webhelp@qmul.ac.uk

The Voting System

The voting system the Union uses is called the Alternative Vote (AV) and the Single Transferable Vote (or STV).

Voters are asked to select the candidates in order of preference. That means first selecting the candidate they most wish to be elected, selecting their second most preferred candidate and so on until there are no candidates left.

All elections will include RON or the Re-open Nominations option, which will allow voters to choose none of the candidates and for the election process to restart.

To win candidates must poll above 50% of the votes, either by totalling more than half of the first preferences or by redistribution of votes.

Why Vote?

Influence the Union
This is your opportunity to have a direct say over the Union and its activities. The students elected will ultimately decide which campaigns the Union will run to improve your student experience, how to develop and run your sports clubs and societies, and oversee the Union's bars and shops.

Choose who speaks for you
The students elected in this election will be your voice on matters that affect you; from feedback on marked work to the number of books in the library. It's essential you choose who they are so they best reflect your views and opinions.

Together we're stronger
The more students vote the more likely the Union and your representatives are likely to be listened to and win the changes you want to see.

If you're in your final year
Next year's first-year students will not have the privilege to choose their representatives. As a final year you are the best judge of the election candidates and their policies and the things that need to be changed, so vote on their behalf!