Volunteering Officer (BL)

The Volunteering Officer (BL) shall seek feedback and represent the interests of the volunteering service and be the voice of students involved in volunteering. They shall convene and coordinate with the other Volunteering Officer (Mile End) and, with the help of Students' Union staff; they will support events, training and provide general support.

The Candidates

Neha Sadik

I am running for Volunteering Officer to promote inter-volunteering group collaboration and a greater involvement of Barts students within volunteering communities. I believe the student body of Barts have a huge amount of energy, expertise and talent and by working together effectively, we can improve countless lives.

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Annie Mae Wright

Volunteering not only helps other people (and who doesn’t want to do that?!), it also helps students’ wellbeing and that’s why I’d like to represent and expand volunteering at BL by running for Volunteering Officer. I was a Volunteering Champion last year so even have some extra insight to offer!

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Simi Lakhani

Hi, I’m Simi and I’d love to represent you as BL Volunteering Officer. I’m aiming to improve accessibility and publicity of volunteering opportunities and help organise the amazing volunteering societies that BL has to offer. I’m also striving to introduce further opportunities to suit a wider range of students.

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