Volunteering Officer (BL)

About the role

If you have a knack for leadership and hold a passion for fundraising and events, then the Volunteering Officer role could be the perfect role to jump-start your university experience.

The Students’ Union offers great volunteering opportunities for hundreds of students, who give their time to support charities, societies or local sport communities, gaining new skills and making a positive difference. Being their representative as Volunteering Officer, you’ll voice their interests while developing the volunteering service and answering inquiries. You’ll collaborate with Union staff and the Mile End Volunteering Officer to support events, training and provide other general assistance.

Role description

The Candidates

Tejaswini Sujeevan

I'm committed to expanding our impact. As a volunteering officer, I'll introduce diverse opportunities for everyone. Whether it's mentoring, environmental efforts, or local projects, there's a place for every passion. Together, we'll broaden our reach, enrich lives, and make volunteering accessible and rewarding for all.

Nabila Noor

Hi! I'm Nabila, a third year medic, and I am running for BL Volunteering Officer! I really enjoy volunteering at Barts and giving back t

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