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About the role

The elected officers work hard to organise events and activities, run campaigns and get feedback from students, so it’s important to get the message out to all students! This is the responsibility of the Engagement Officer, who works as part of the Operations Team with the VP Barts (Operations), to engage students in BLSA activities. You’ll also be the guardian of the BLSA brand (and you get to stick the BLSA logo on things). This is a non-representative position and does not sit on Student Council.

Role description

The Candidates

Amelie Pang

Hi! I’m Amelie! I’m currently in my 4th year at Barts and The London! After spending this year on the BLSA board as Entertainments officer, I am keen to use all the valuable skills and knowledge that I have acquired to cultivate dynamic student engagement using BL's social media platforms.

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Mez Hakim

In a world of influencers (and one almost-distant branding war), it's of the utmost importance to ensure our medical school is protected and prospers for years to come. Taking control of the BLSA social media & branding for a second year will allow me to take Barts to new heights!

Aadil Islam

I am passionate about organizing events and activities. Through effectively communicating to people both in person and through online social media platforms, I believe that I can encourage participation and spread awareness. I am always open to new ideas and aim to improve student experiences through listening and implementing suggestions.

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