Engagement Officer (BL)

About the role

The elected officers work hard to organise events and activities, run campaigns and get feedback from students, so it’s of great importance to get the message out to all students. This is the responsibility of the Engagement Officer, who works to engage students in BLSA activities. You’ll also be the guardian of the BLSA brand, and you get to stick the BLSA logo on things. This is a non-representative position and does not sit on Student Council.

Role description

The Candidates

Amaan Abbas

Hey guys! I’m Amaan and I’m running to be the BLSA Engagement Officer to help improve the Barts experience for everyone – current and future.

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Mez Hakim

One SSC poster on Canva, now I'm a self-proclaimed graphic designer.. here's to making the BLSA Instagram more mesmerising (pun-intended) and interactive. Also was gonna pull the young, Bangladeshi hijabi card for diversity points, but I think you already know who to vote for ;)

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Abi Young and Lucy Edgar

Being best friends for many years, we realised that we have the perfect complimentary skillset for Engagement Officer! We both have experience working together on BLSA, and we are really passionate about continuing the legacy of BL #weareBL

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