Sustainability Officer (BL)

About the role

At Queen Mary, we’re committed to sustainable development in all areas of university life, whether that’s tackling issues about the planet, profits or people.

As a Sustainability Officer, you’ll have the opportunity to educate and raise awareness among students on a variety of issues, run your own campaigns as well as organise events and training. You’ll work collaboratively with the Executive Officers and staff on sustainability initiatives, engage with local organisations on climate matters and co-chair the Sustainability Committee with the Mile End Sustainability Officer. You’ll also have the option to work on your own projects and perhaps inspire new initiatives! Whether you’re harbouring years of passion or are just beginning your sustainability journey, the Sustainability Officer role is a perfect opportunity to play your part for a greener, kinder planet.

Role description

The Candidates

Alexandre Duponcheele

Save our Energy, Save our Future. QMUL has many energy reduction and recycling plans for Mile End in their sustainability plan for 2020-2023, but only one for Whitechapel and few for Charterhouse. By electing me, I will scrutinise, engage and lobby QMUL for more sustainable projects at BL.

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