Could you lead the Students' Union?

Nominations 2018

The Elections Explained

The Students' Union runs elections so you can choose who should be the next group of students to run and lead the Students' Union. There are lots of positions you could nominate yourself for including full-time paid positions and part-time voluntary positions. Elected students then set the direction of the Students' Union, decide on student policy, run campaigns and projects to improve students' lives.

Why Run?

This is your chance to lead the Students' Union, improve the experience of students at Queen Mary, develop new skills and become more employable.

What's in it for me?

Shape QMUL and the Union - Have a direct say in how the Union is run as well as play a prominent role in improving students' lives.

Transferable skills - You'll be able to develop and gain new skills in the role, all roles will provide great examples of skills for your CV!

Improve your self-confidence - You'd be able to talk to dozens of students and become an expert on students' views. You can have a chance at presenting your views and opinions and raising them in what can sometimes be a formal environment which is a great achievement.

Developing networks - You will meet new and interesting people, attend training and conferences where you will meet others like you from other Students' Unions from across the country.

The Timeline


4pm, Wed 14 Feb

Nominations Close

6:30pm, Wed 14 Feb

Candidates Meeting

9am, Mon 19 Feb

Photo & Statement Deadline

9am, Mon 26 Feb

Manifesto Deadline

10am, Mon 5 Mar

Voting Opens

4pm, Thur 8 Mar

Voting Closes

7:30pm, Thur 8 Mar

Results Party

Recommend a friend

Know someone that would be great for a position? Why not recommend them below and we'll get in touch with them! Please note that a recommendation does not count as a nomination, if you would like to nominate yourself for a position, please click here to run.

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