Students' Union Election Results

Congratulations to all our successful candidates for 2024-25 and thank you to all our voters, candidates and everyone that took part. We look forward to welcoming our new reps in September, you can find all the winners below.

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Executive Officers

Tahmid Khan
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Vice President Liberation, International and Postgraduates
Hassam Naeem
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Vice President Welfare
Nabihah Ali
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Vice President Barts and The London
Rahma Hegy
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Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences
Jovani Palnoni
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Vice President Science and Engineering
Al-Habib Mraish
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Student Trustees

Student Trustee
Matthew Beach
Student Trustee
Muharram Bin Tariq
Student Trustee
Maeidul K

Activities Representatives

Student Council Chair
Aayush Jain
Commercial Services Officer
Joshua Brooks
Dental Society President
Rafail Mazmanidis and Lorin Ozcelik
Sports Officer (ME)
Ava Forouzan
Sports Officer (BL)
Harry Collier-smith
Societies Officer (BL)
Gustavo Loback
Societies Officer (ME)
Khanh An (Alix) Le
Sustainability Officer (ME)
Josefina Infante Kozarow
Sustainability Officer (BL)
Alfred Ellis
Volunteering Officer (BL)
Nabila Noor
Volunteering Officer (ME)
Lily Throssell
VP Barts
Christina Carrington
VP London
Jumainah Fardaus Rahman

Welfare & Liberation Representatives

BAME Representative (ME)
Shirli Williams
BAME Representative (BL)
Bishoy Yassa
Disabled and Specific Learning Difference Rep (ME)
Rosie Nee
LGBT+ Representative (BL)
Arianne Jones And Lucy Lai
Trans Representative
Mx. Adam Khan
International Rep (BL)
Al Hassan Salama And Venaya Binwani
International Rep (HSS)
Diya Mary Selastin
International Rep (S&E)
Hessa Alazeezi
Womens Rep (BL)
Saman Ali & Naz Ismail
Womens Rep (ME)
Grace Bailey
Welfare Officer (BL)
Ravleena Wasan
Welfare Officer (HSS)
Sameer Siddiqui
Welfare Officer (S&E)
Shreya Senthil Sathya

Educational Representatives

Institute of Health Sciences Education Junior Rep
Harsh Doshi
Institute of Health Sciences Education Senior Rep
Shirin Massroor And Billal Swaleh
School of Biological & Behavioural Sciences Rep
Amina Nur
School of Business & Management Rep
Somesh Poonia
School of Economics & Finance Rep
Jerry Ndi
School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Sciences Rep
Ibrahim Bin Ali Soleja
School of Engineering & Material Sciences Rep
Ancella Oppong
School of English & Drama Rep
Alexandra Victoria Todorov
School of Geography Rep
Tatiana Sevyan
School of History Rep
Nabil Khan
School of Law Rep
Thaleia Antoniou Kyriazaki
School of Mathematical Sciences Rep
Nasiha Khan
School of Physical & Chemical Sciences Rep
Shane Dunne
School of Politics & International Relations Rep
Diluk Tilakumara
Wolfson Institute of Population Health Rep
Munira Musa

Operational (Non-Representatives)

Treasurer (BL)
James Siswick
Niral Patel
Marina Chan
Engagement Officer (BL)
Amelie Pang
Entertainments Officer (BL)
Janna Yoong
Entertainments Officer (BL)
Helienke Yoong
Alumni Officer (BL)
Amaan Abbas
Secretary (BL)
Evie Russell
Secretary (HSS)
Samarth Lakhanpal & Ashpreet Tiwana
Secretary (S&E)
Amelia Khalique

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