Alumni Officer

The Alumni Officer shall work to foster relationships with Barts and The London graduates and be responsible for liaising with the BATLAA (Barts and The London Alumni Association). They will work with the Vice President Barts and The London, and the University Alumni team to provide regular updates to Barts and The London graduates and support with events and activities. The Alumni Officer will also develop relationships between Barts and The London sports clubs and Societies and Barts and The London graduates. This is a non-representative position and does not sit on Student Council.

The Candidates

Ainaa Khan

I am aware of the importance that employability rate holds for a university. This position will allow me to Engaging with alumni with current students, gives students a sense of aid to achieve the best from their degrees. Removing anxiety from the uncertainty of the future in the job market.

Esther Awe

I'll help strengthen the bond between old Barts and young Barts. I'll ensure everyone benefits from the alumni network. So when wear our robes at graduation, we'll enjoy this useful, inclusive, strong network and extend our legacy! Sir James Paget, Professor Kumar, Lord Robert Winston, YOU... Vote for me!