BAME Representative (Mile End)

About the role

This role is focussed on creating change for the BAME community. The BAME Representative (Mile End) collects feedback from BAME students and represents their interests on issues they face as BAME students. The role supports the Vice President Communities, and liases with members of the relevant clubs, societies and student groups. The BAME Officer will also be able to feed into the planning of key campaigns and events such as Black History Month.

Role description

The Candidates

Georgia Carr

My name is Georgia and I am incredibly passionate about representing and working within the community that I was born into. Martin Luther King jr once said that we're 300 years behind our fellow runners, and I believe it's time for us to implement some serious change and catch up.

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Devanshu Goyal and Muhammad Hamza

As students of QM Mile-end campus, we both would like to jointly run for the position of BAME representative. We assure to be supportive, responsible and dedicated towards our duty and be the voice of BAME students’ community. We strive to do our best in the future.

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