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About the role

Do you want to be the voice of the students in your school? Become a School Representative!

The School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences Representative collects feedback from students in the school and represent students’ interests. You’ll be able to work on various aspects of the student experience, including feedback, assessments, teaching, employability, and student support. You’ll also be responsible for chairing the School Forum for course representatives, and you’ll work with the Vice President Science and Engineering to address issues that are affecting S&E students.

Role description

The Candidates

Arian Chowdhury

Commitment to excellence, dedication to students.

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Manisa Regami

Hi, I am a 2nd Year Biochemistry student. I share a lot of modules with various courses and believe I can utilise my wide knowledge of the school and student experience to help improve your university life. Let’s have a great year!

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Asma Bhutto

sciencing science

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Maria Alaswad

Vote for Maria Alaswad! I have the experience for this role but I also have something much rarer - a genuine passion for representing students. I am here to lobby, to bargain, to negotiate, to inform, and MOST importantly, to listen.

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Alyssa Thomas

My name is Alyssa and my goal is to make things a bit easier. Finding simple solutions to everyday issues.

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Diya Nagpal

Acta, non verba. (deeds, not words)

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