Biological & Chemical Science Representative

The School of Biological & Chemical Sciences Representative shall seek feedback from and represent students in the school. They are also responsible for chairing the Biological & Chemical Sciences forum for course representatives and supporting the Vice President Science & Engineering. They are also responsible for encouraging students in the school to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role Description

The Candidates

Ramesh Wilson

I’m running in the elections because I want to make a difference to the student experience within the SBCS. I don’t believe we’re getting everything we need to be as successful in our academics as possible - we deserve the time and effort from the SBCS that we put in.

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Ushna Zaineb

As SBCS rep, I will engage with course reps and students to ensure improvements are made for the school. I will voice the concerns of the students in the school and liaise with the staff and committee.

Foteini Bifsa

I have been a course rep for my degree for the past three years and thus I have in-depth knowledge of SBCS and the students' needs. My aim is to encourage students to speak up, especially those that are considered ‘hard’ to reach.

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Gauree Samtani

I want to be the UNITED VOICE of SBCS students. The KEY thing I want to improve is the COMMUNICATION between the students and authorities by seeking regular FEEDBACK from course representatives and SBSC students by creating SURVEYS to be aware of STUDENT’S invaluable IDEAS and any ISSUES they’re having.

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