Business & Management Representative

The School of Business and Management Representative shall seek feedback from and represent students in the school. They are also responsible for chairing the Business and Management forum for course representatives and supporting the Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences. They are also responsible for encouraging students in the school to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role Description

The Candidates

Naveena Dhera

LET’S MAKE A CHANGE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! As a first year student coming from the Caribbean, as a confident student, As a first year student, I want to make a change in the course, that will help students enjoy there course more better and have the best.

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Kazi Islam

I am a business management undergraduate and 1st year course representative, I want to be the voice of the student body. I hope to make every student's life enjoyable, safe and full of possibilities. I am committed to make Queen Mary’s Business Management a very desirable course for students.

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