Student Council Chair

The Student Council Chair shall be the Chair of Student Council, the Annual Members' Meeting and the Company Law General Meetings. They are responsible for ensuring Student Council meetings are held in accordance with the Articles of Association, Bye-Laws and Policy. This is a cross-campus position.

Role Description

The Candidates

Joe Vinson

As a current student council member, I know how frustrating the meetings are for everyone. Elect me as Chair and I’ll bring student council out of the dark ages – starting with streaming it online for everyone to access. Visit www.facebook.com/JV4QMSUChair or read my manifesto for more information about my ideas!

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Jack Steadman

I am in the first year of my PhD and am keen to improve the student experience. As students, we are all working towards a vision of a better tomorrow. I offer my experience in policy and my interest in representing the Union to help better shape the policy agenda.