Student Council Chair

About the role

Student Council is where policies are debates and voted on, and it sets the political direction for the Students’ Union. The Chair of Student Council is responsible for chairing the Student Council Meetings, and other key meetings such as the Annual Members Meeting and the Company Law General Meetings. This is a cross-campus position.

Role description

The Candidates

Rebecca Firinu

As chairperson of the Scandinavian Model United Nations conferences in 2018 and 2019, you can expect competence if I am selected as student CouncCil Chair. I believe every voice deserves to be heard, and would dedicate myself to moderating fruitful meetings to ensure maximum benefit for the student body.

Mohammed Rahman

Great leaders are not defined through norms, it is the norms that they define. I wish to represent the actual voices of people and truly ran due to wanting to create change of things I disagree of the SU from within. Futures belong to the people who prepare today. @Pearlsofikhlas

Mouna Ichidou

My name is Mouna Ichidou, I’m a 2nd year Business Management student and my pronouns are she/her. I am running for Student Council Chair as I believe I am responsible and determined enough to assume this position. I am very excited for the opportunity.

Saumya Garg

Ensuring effective representation, easement she’ll bring, All it takes is your support, For the girl with growing wings. I will make certain that the Council meetings are held per the Articles of Association of QMSU, and the student representatives are held accountable for their duties. Every voice will be represented!

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