Commercial Services Officer

The Commercial Services Officer shall seek feedback and be responsible for representing the interests of the Students’ Union’s commercial services student staff and members who use these services. They shall convene and coordinate the Students’ Union Commercial Services Committee and actively work to develop the Students’ Union’s commercial services. This is a cross-campus position.

Role Description

The Candidates

Jacob Barnard

I intend to improve all services on campus, this includes doing more with Drapers, and ensuring all services are enjoyable to all and sustainable for the environment. I will listen to students and staff, so that services are provided for US, the students, with our interests at the heart.

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Charlotte Edgar

From two years of experience working as a supervisor in QMSU’s Café’s, it is important for me to continue to push for student staff’s voices and suggestions to be heard. I pledge to introduce a better communication system, paid staff training, improve sustainability, more affordable food for specific dietary requirements.

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