Commercial Services Officer

About the role

The Commercial Services Officer is elected by and represents the interests of student staff. They convene the Commercial Services Committee and work closely with staff to improve the Students’ Union’s commercial services. In addition, the Commercial Services Officer also represents the interests of all the member that use the Students’ Union’s bars, shops, and other commercial outlets.

Role description

The Candidates

Izzy Freund

I will proudly represent my colleagues’ concerns and wishes for improvements to ensure a dynamic and positive environment within the Student Union. During my 2 years at the Ground Café I developed skills like teamwork and adaptability that perfectly fit this role and help me to negotiate ideas with management.

Geoff William

Hey! I'm Geoff, been working in the Student Union since 2022. I have some ideas that I believe would benefit all of us as staff and would love to hear any ideas and feedback you all have on what you would like to see improved.

Joshua Brooks

As your Commercial Services Officer, I will act as a beacon of voice for student staff. I’ll encourage the collaboration of innovative ideas to enhance SU ran businesses as well as helpful feedback to improve overall staff-customer satisfaction. Together, we can create a memorable university experience for students campus wide.

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