Disabled and Specific Learning Difference Representative (Mile End)

About the role

The Disabled and Specific Learning Difficulties Representative (Mile End) shall seek feedback and represent the interests of Mile End students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties, and be their voice on the issues they face as students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties.

Role description

The Candidates

Hannah Malpass

Hello, my name is Hannah, I am on the autistic spectrum and have dyslexia and dyspraxia. Empowerment for learning difficulties, neurodivergence, and disabilities would be one of my central policy’s along with a campaign for education aimed at dismantling false stereotypes and promoting the queen Mary ethos of inclusivity.

Faizan Sheikh

The challenges that we face as members of QMUL's Disabled and SpLD community are not struggles we must face alone. I will purpose myself as the visible representative for our often-invisible disabilities. To combat the post-COVID detriments to ACCESS arrangements through vocalising your demands will be my duty.

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