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Do you want to make a difference to the student experience in your school? Become a School Representative!

The School of Economics and Finance Representative collects feedback from students in the school and represent students’ interests. You’ll be able to work on various aspects of the student experience, including feedback, assessments, teaching, employability, and student support. You’ll also be responsible for chairing the School Forum for course representatives, and you’ll work with the Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences to address issues that are affecting HSS students.

Role description

The Candidates

Jerry Ndi

With nearly 5 years of real-world experience, I'm determined to elevate our Economics and Finance community. As a podcast host, I draw insights from change-makers, bridging academia with industry. Committed to fostering unapologetic individuality and inclusion. Vote for me + Victory = Vote for YOU + Vote for QMUL!

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Sasha Pulikkan

If elected, I promise to pursue this role with passion and ensure that every student’s needs are addressed. I want everyone to be included; irrespective of nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. I will attend relevant meetings and liaise with professors to pass on essential information and correctly represent student issues.

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Vanshika Chhabaria

I am Vanshika Chhabaria. I am from India, and I want to nominate myself for the post School of Economics and Finance Representative. I believe in a diverse student body that reflects all backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences. As your representative, I would actively endeavour to include marginalised voices, ensuring that

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