School of Economics & Finance Rep

About the role

Do you want to make a difference to the student experience in your school? Become a School Representative!

The School of Economics and Finance Representative collects feedback from students in the school and represent students’ interests. You’ll be able to work on various aspects of the student experience, including feedback, assessments, teaching, employability, and student support. You’ll also be responsible for chairing the School Forum for course representatives, and you’ll work with the Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences to address issues that are affecting HSS students.

Role description

The Candidates

Saphia Rahman

As the SEF representative, it is of utmost importance to me that everyone receives the opportunity to have their opinions considered and heard. I have been and continue to welcome all student feedback and ideas about any improvements to make our university experience the best it can possibly be.

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Youjia Chen

A voice from SEF sould be heard now

Mohammed Sheikh

A SEF rep that benefits all

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