English & Drama Representative

The School of English & Drama Representative shall seek feedback from and represent students in the school. They are also responsible for chairing the English & Drama forum for course representatives and supporting the Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences. They are also responsible for encouraging students in the school to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role Description

The Candidates

Naciima Hassan

I hope to be a present and active course rep by expressing the voices of the students in SED! I want to make changes to carers i.e. more workshops on carer options or support with further education applications. Also, for mental health services to be more advertised. Thank you!

Jessica Galloway

As a representative, I would be a force of change. Bringing real answers to all questions. Establishing a student voice that represents every individual. As one of you, I know issues that matter and will ensure that the department is recognised throughout the university, returning it to a public platform.

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