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About the role

Do you want to make a difference to the student experience in your school? Become a School Representative!

The School of English and Drama Representative collects feedback from students in the school and represent students’ interests. You’ll be able to work on various aspects of the student experience, including feedback, assessments, teaching, employability, and student support. You’ll also be responsible for chairing the School Forum for course representatives, and you’ll work with the Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences to address issues that are affecting HSS students.

Role description

The Candidates

Joel Davis

If elected, I intend to wholly support and encourage every student in my department, voice any concerns they have, and ensure no limitations are placed upon them. with the wellbeing and growth of this fantastic collective my priority.

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Alexandra Victoria Todorov

A new year! A better year! Full of success and betterment. Increasing our departments visibility, and improving student lives, through strengthening our creative community and branching out to the world outside of our university.

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Leena Sagar

The wellbeing of students is of utmost importance; a healthy and happy student is the root of all their future successes.

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