Entertainments Officer (Malta)

About the role

What would student life be without events and activities? The Entertainments Officer works to organise events for students based in Malta and liaise with other elected officers and staff to coordinate and promote events and activities to students. This is a non-representative position and does not sit on Student Council.

Role description

The Candidates

Rishabh Joshi

Just trying to make the Malta campus feel more like a traditional university and making sure that everyone gets to enjoy themselves. Hoping to build an even better community and have more events so that everyone can get involved.

Thanushree Venkatram

As entertainments officer, I will aim to create a vibrant, engaging and diverse range of events for all students and strive to provide a real sense of community. As well as, elevate the stresses of being a medical student and make the year as memorable as it can be!

Zavier Mirza

I’d like to be part of BLSA to create events for students of all years to enjoy. I’ve got many ideas for events I’d love to bring to life with the BLSA. They did an amazing job helping my year settle in so I’d love to carry on that legacy.

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