Gozo Society President

About the role

The Gozo Society President is the leader of the Gozo Society. They are responsible for organising activities for students that study at the Gozo Campus, and they collaborate with the Gozo Representative.

Role description

The Candidates

Shahryar Sulaiman and Farzeen Semeer

After a year of a dreadful pandemic, it takes the right leadership to orchestrate the most memorable and seamless university experience. We, Faz and Sherry, are determined to pave the way for all interests and hobbies to be pursued. Everyone has a voice, we’re the ones hearing them.

Tiago Huber

Hi guys, back again. As your course rep this year, I’ve more or less familiarised myself withthe community here on Gozo, so what I’m trying to say is, if you so choose, I would beprepared and greatly appreciate the opportunity to represent you further. Thanks for your consideration :)

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